Creating Passive + Diversified Income

Fleursociety Passive and Diversified Income for florists

Do you have multiple streams of income in your business? What is keeping you from diversifying your business income?

What is Passive + Diversified Income?

Do you want to make money while you sleep? Then read on!

  • A business cannot operate without cash flow

  • Financial strategy is necessary in entrepreneurship

  • Lessen the risk of a slow month

  • Make money while you sleep!

  • Increase income and profits

  • Set up recurring income

  • Take your business full time

  • Scale your business

My Business Before...

  • Slow months

  • No income

  • Operating on debt

  • No team

  • No salary

  • No growth

  • Not profitable

My Business Now...

Now operating a diversified floral business. By having additional income, it allows the business owner to be more selective with who they take on as clients / budgets. Also, it allowed the ability to create a diversified educational business. You can earn recurring income without racking up debt. Building a team and paying yourself a salary. Scaled and more Profitable than ever!

Fleursociety Passive Income for Florists

5 Types of Passive + Diversified Income

5 Types of Passive + Diversified Income

  1. Services

  2. Products

  3. Education

  4. Collaboration

  5. Affiliates

  6. Services

One-Time Services

Weddings, events, workshops, freelancing

Income fluctuates

Clients buy 1x

Recurring Services

Services, subscriptions, coaching

Income is fixed/consistent

Clients buy 1+



  • Large overhead + shipping

  • Income fluctuates

  • Offer wholesale

  • Capitalize on holidays

  • Works best with large audiences


  • Minimal overhead

  • Passive income fluctuates

  • Downloads + subscriptions + libraries

  • Works best with large audiences


Workshops + Events

  • Large overhead

  • Income fluctuates

  • Local or digital

  • Capitalize on holidays

  • Small or large audiences

Online Courses

  • Minimal overhead

  • Passive income fluctuates

  • Downloads + subscriptions

  • Evergreen content - repurposing content you have already created

  • Works best with large audiences


Speaking Engagements

  • Network

  • Increase credibility

  • Income fluctuates

  • Local or digital - speak with local societies or members only groups, online or in person

  • Small or large audiences

Share Your Studio

  • Collaborate locally - create and build relationships with people in your area

  • Lower your monthly overhead by sharing your studio with daily rentals to others

  • Income is fixed/consistent



  • Income will fluctuate

  • Local or digital platform

  • Small or large audiences

  • Example: HoneyBook & vendors


  • Passive income is fixed / consistent

  • Digital platform

  • Blog + Social media + Ads

  • Works best with large audiences

  • Example: ConvertKit, Amazon, Hello Fresh

Fleursociety Passive Income

Essentials to START...


Identify your market

Build community

Grow email lists

Marketing Plan

Clarify your unique value

Survey audience

Build sales funnels


Create KLT - Getting target market to know, like and trust you. Once this is achieved you will be able sell to them.

Create solutions - find out the paint points of customer struggles and solve it.

Deliver value

Long-term maintenance

Establish workflows for efficiency - this is so important to have a sustaining stream of income.



Hire help - Always have enough people on board to help you build your business. You can start off doing things on your own, but you cannot scale your business without additional help.

Next Steps to START…

Secure your primary income, FIRST

Establish business workflows - this is key.

Keep your operations lean

Plan ideas for creating more income

Set up affiliate accounts - Honeybook members are already set to do this! Look for products that you use, and reach out to the companies to see if they have affiliate programs.