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When I started my business back in 2005, I had no idea that it was the beginning stages of finding my passion and building a business I truly love. But it was not an easy journey and it took many years of sweat and tears to get to where I am today.

Back then, there were no resources available. I had no formal business or floral education and I felt very alone and discouraged. I had to learn EVERYTHING the hard way; through trial and error. At the same time, I was balancing a full time career as a school teacher. It was a long process full of frustration and heartbreak, to say the least.

It wasn't until I put systems into place, that I was able to grow a sustainable and profitable floral business that has allowed me to scale over the years and generate a multiple six-figure income.     

Today, my love of teaching has allowed me to cultivate this floral community where I share with you my experience and knowledge from over the years. As an educator, I am compelled help others and eliminate the guessing game so that you can bloom in your business and see results right away.