Maximize Your Off Season

Fleursociety Off Season

How many months out of the year are considered off-season for you?
Do you monetize during your off-season?

The off season is the perfect time for a florist to market and rebrand their business. We will cover 7 ways to market and sell!

7 Ways to Market and Sell

  1. Bridal Shows

  2. Open House

  3. Styled Shoot

  4. Pop-Up Shop

  5. Private Classes

  6. Workshops

  7. Promotions

Bridal Shows are an opportunity to connect with your local audience. They can be either a low or high investment for you. They are a chance to speak with couples who might become clients. They are also a way to showcase your services. It is a great place to offer time sensitive promotions and build your email list. Always network with other industry professionals and build strong relationships.

Hosting an open house  is another way to utilize your time off season. This can be in your own studio or at a local venue. This is a relatively low investment, if you keep it small. You can talk to couples and build trust. You can also showcase services and offer exclusive promotions. Make sure to build your list, network and build relationships.

Styled shoots are perfect when you have time to create a beautiful shoot. This can be in house or local. This is either a low or high investment, but is usually more on the high end if you organize it yourself. You get the chance to create + capture the perfect images for your marketing. This can give you the pictures you need to attract a certain type of client. Refresh collateral and network with other vendors. And as always, build relationships. There is the chance of getting published, but that should not be the only goal. Check out our other post on Styled Shoots.

Fleursociety Off Season

Pop up shops are a fun way to attract attention during the off season. Read our post all about pop up shops! These can be in house or at a local shop. This is either a low or high investment depending on the traffic that comes in the area. Gauge what the foot traffic will be by  selling flowers ahead of time. Sell seasonal items by capitalizing on upcoming holidays. Have a way to build your email list within the community.

Offer private classes. In house or local! This is a low investment and can be very rewarding. Presell spots in the class, and keep the classes small. Charge what you’re worth. It can be anywhere from $500 to $2000 or more. Have 1-5 students and the classes can span anywhere from 1-7 days. This is an opportunity for a styled shoot. Get a photographer to come photograph the students! Use them for marketing and social media. Build your list and build personal relationships.

Workshops are another opportunity to teach. This can be in house or local, and should work in your area. Is this a need in your area? It is a low investment, especially if you presell. You should have 5+ students. Offer 1-3 day workshops, with a different segment each day. You can sell the days separately or as a package. Here is yet another opportunity for a styled shoot for marketing purposes. As usual, continue to build your lis and meet new people.

Offer promotions during the off season. Take seasonal orders and offer your services at holiday parties. Capitalize on Black Friday sales and create a special offer to push online. Workshops and classes can be offered at a special rate. Also consider Flash Sales or BOGO offers.

Overview of the Marketing and sales Process

Fleursociety Off Season

Plan 1-2 months in advance
Use social media
Partner with creatives
Use launch strategy
Pre-sell as much as possible
Build your list
Photograph professionally
Make it an annual effort

Next steps to Implement

Pick one strategy
Survey your audience
Plan out the details
Contact partners
Create a launch strategy
Start Promotion