Perfect Pinterest Tips for Florists

Fleursociety – Pinterest for Florists

70% of Jessica’s traffic to her website comes from Pinterest


Understanding Pinterest

Pinterest is not to be thought of as a social network, it is a discovery network. It is best to think of it as a powerful search engine. Pinterest posts come up in Google searches all the time. Meanwhile, on Instagram when a post has been up for a day or so, the engagement dies off. This is not the case with Pinterest.

Pinterest Demographics

Pinterest has 200 million active monthly users, 2 Billion searches a month!

70% women, 30% men, but the numbers of male sign ups are increasing.

How Pinterest Works

Those who follow you are the first to see your ideas. After you save a new pin, it will be distributed to your followers. Pinning content to relevant boards is ideal, because the more accurate it is, the more easily it can be distributed.

Pinterest prioritizes “fresh” content, especially pins that are created by the owner of the content. 

Pinterest Board Cleanup

Create a Customer Board

Select a Cover Board

Add a Showcase Board

Do Not Delete Old Boards – archive or make secret. You don’t want to delete followers who are attached to those boards.

Key Words

Followers matter on Pinterest, because Pinterest displays your monthly viewers. Active followers re-pinning your content, and this increases the amount of monthly views. Always use plenty of accurate key words (both broad and specific). Examples of key terms for florists include

  • Wedding floral design

  • Unique, wild, romantic floral centerpiece

  • Tablescape style

  • Bridal Bouquets

 Use guided search to find out what keywords could work well for you.

Image Guide

Vertical Images are best, because they take up more space in a feed. They stand out more on Pinterest.

The ideal ratio is 2:3 (600x900px or equivalent)

An image that is longer/taller than that may be cropped in the Pinterest feed.


Pinterest allows you to view your analytics and what pins are doing the best.

Fleursociety – Pinterest for Florists

Best Practices for Success of Pinterest

·      Save Pins regularly and consistently. It is best as a daily activity rather than pinning in bulk once a week.

·      Start saving relevant Pins for upcoming season and trends around 45 days before the event/holiday

·      Make sure you are using a Pinterest Business account to access to analytics, rick pics, new features, buyable pins and promoted pins.

·      Upgrade to a free Business Account and Claim Your Website to unlock analytics, ads and other pro tools.

·      Apply and get approved for Rich Pins, Article Rich Pins pull data from your blog to show more details such as the blog title, the author and description.

·      There are 4 types of Rich Pins: app, product, recipe, and article

Fleursociety – Pinterest for Florists

Tailwind to Automate Pinterest

Tailwind is a great tool to schedule pins out ahead of time, so you don’t have to sit everyday and pin images.

You can schedule and automate Pins

Tailwind has a smart schedule tool to help you Pin at the best times of the day for your personal audience. This will increase engagement with your content.

This helps keep track of whether or not you are consistently pinning throughout the week and month.

Tailwind will automatically tell you if you have already pinned something.

For even more detail on using Pinterest for your business, watch the replay!