Utilizing Pop Up Shops for Multiple Streams of Income

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Are you familiar with multiple stream income or residual income?

Steps to Creating Your Own Floral Pop Up Shop.

Selecting Your Venue

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Choose a location that serves a wide variety of people. Meet with the owner or representative and explain why it benefits the venue. Be able to express how it benefits the benefits (bringing in lots of new business for them, etc). You can create a print or email presentation to show how it’s an advantage for them. Have your shop during high volume traffic hours – get the busiest time frame and come an hour before that.

Selling Tips

Be sure to have the proper permits/tax documents for selling in your city. Also, make sure you aren’t in a place where your flowers are competing with a scent. Use this opportunity to create long terms relationships. Think longer term than just the pop up for the day.


You have to put in the leg work for pop up shops. Start spreading the word at least one month out. Email past clients and new clients. Phebe likes to offer $15 gifts towards purchases (pre order only).

Always flood social media. Don’t forget to post on Facebook, Instagram, or email venues and venue owners. Share flyers at the actual pop up shop location (start as early as two weeks before). During the last week do a final push, spreading the word everywhere.

Purchasing for Your Pop Up Shop

Create an awesome flower recipe. Keep your competitors for the day in mind and be unique.

Take as many pre orders as possible and purchase around 30% more. Have items to upsell: containers, succulents, extra single flowers.


I like to sell out. Selling out is good.
— Phebe Robinson

Pop Up Shop Day

Bring props and items over a couple of days before. Use this as another opportunity to spread the word.

Merchandising – bring different sizes of tables and buckets for a varied and beautiful set up. Place the most expensive items in a place where they are viewed first. Connect with your customers by greeting them warmly and asking lifestyle questions. Close the sale by allowing them to pick items up and interact with them.

Things to Consider

Staff your shop appropriately. Be able to take both card & cash and staff for these transactions.

Handle lines by offering refreshments that you have pre purchased from the venue. Keeping shoppers spending – politely suggest they grab a full meal from the venue while waiting for an item. Avoid trying to do everything on your own.

We can’t wait to see your next pop up shop!