Tips for Maximizing Bridal Show Investment

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Do you invest in bridal shows?


Why Bridal Shows

They are a great way to get leads, showcase your work, get more exposure.

Connect with providers and create partnerships and participate in the community.



Choose a reputable company with recurring bridal shows. Make sure the event is a good fit for you.

Location: Local to your demographic - Is it in your target area?

Affordable to participate – it is an investment, but make sure you can afford it.

Great marketing? There should be some buzz about the bridal show in the community and online.

Does this bridal show have an entry fee? This is a good indication of the kind of clientele that will be present.

Does the show provide you with a registration list? This is a bonus so that you can grow your email marketing.



Booth – what size did you get? Make it as attractive and fabulous as possible.

Collateral – have lots of it! Everything from cards and brochures to magazines and photo albums.

Collaborations – if you can, work with your favorite photographer or planner.

Show your unique factor – what sets you apart from the other booths.

Marketing – spread the word that you will be at this show. Also on the day of the even share your day via photos and videos. (Don’t forget to #hashtag)

Plan out how you will build your list – this is vital to establishing an email marketing campaign.

Promotions & Giveaways that have a quick expiration date – entice people to jump on it. 

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Quick Questions

Q: What about paying to be on a vendor list?
A: Not if you can avoid it. Let your work speak for itself and develop authentic relationships.

Q: Budget for shows?
A: Cristina spends no more than $3000 on bridal shows.


Booth attendants – have 2-3 people to help you. Dress code – look the part. Have a uniform and look professional.

Train your staff and provide them with all the tools they will need to succeed.

Create your Game Plan/Goals – Be ready to engage and attract.

Snacks + Water – good snacks, go beyond a granola bar.

Breaks – take a break to walk the floor and the other team members can be at the booth.


Bridal shows are an entire experience for the guests.

What is the first impression you want to give? How will you stand out among the rest? What do you want the couple to feel when they approach your booth?

What will you gift/sample? Be creative – we have seen florists giving cookies or drinks.

How can you make your booth engaging – example: bouquet bar. 3 different bouquets that brides could try and take a photo with. Contests work as well. How will you connect with brides/couples? Make light conversations, because maybe brides/couples are nervous that they will be bombarded with sales pitches.

How will you follow up?

Call to Action

Provide samples and start conversations – figure out a way to break the ice and connect. Invite them to connect on social media. Offer on-the-spot promotions that expire quickly. Also, be prepared to book on-the-spot appointments. Connect information digitally – iPads work great and log information fast.


Take the opportunity to walk the floor to meet providers at the show. Collect business cards and invite them connect for coffee or Collaborate on projects. There are so many ways to grow your network at bridal shows. Don’t miss out!

Follow Up

Create a follow up series for those who came to the event. Send it the very next day, not the day of the event. This can consist of 2-3 emails over a period of time. Check out our blog on email marketing: Nurture Series.

What to include in your follow up:

Thank people for coming to the show and visiting your booth.

Introduction about you and your business.

Education: what to expect when they hire you, budget tips, timeline tips

Free resources/free downloads (Rule of reciprocity)

Provide an offer in the last email

Call to Action – book an appointment with a link