Nurture Series: Best Practices for Email Marketing

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To nurture with email marketing is to welcome or onboard new leads. It is a useful tactic for educating and teaching your clients. Additionally, it is a way for them to get to know you.


Are you actively building an email list?

Do you do email marketing?

 If not, let’s make some changes!

Setting up your email nurture series

Capture Leads – create a place for people to provide their email and names. For example: a contact form on your website or a free download that requires an email address.

Email marketing – you can manually respond to new subscribers, or set up an automated series. One company that excels with automated emails: ConvertKit

A nurture or on-boarding series is comprised of 5-7 emails or videos. Always have an opt up, unsubscribe option.

Components of a Nurture Series

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This is your chance to give new leads information about yourself.

  1. Introduction – They can get to know you

  2. Your Business – They get to know your business

  3. Showcase your services

  4. Establish a know/like/trust relationship

  5. Give a call to action – turn leads into bookings

  6. Qualify your leads – make sure this client is a good fit for you



Express who you and what your role is. Take the opportunity to share your personal story. Give interesting facts about yourself (favorite hobbies or foods) and showcase your personality. Be relatable. Remember: you aren’t pitching them, you are allowing new brides/couples get to know you.

Your Business

Share your story and how long you have been in business (if this supports your credibility).

What is your specialty? Do you love budget weddings, or rustic? Share these things to continually attract your ideal client and repel the wrong clients.

Also express what you are best known for doing. Whether it is attention to detail or amazing flower walls, spotlight this in your email series.


Share your best photos and blog posts. Provide links to your favorite works. Showcase any time you have been featured or received an awards. You can also link to your reviews, so you gain the trust of these new potential clients.

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This is a big one! Providing helpful tips to your potential couples can make it a lot smoother to work with them. When you have a real conversation with this lead, they will have a better understanding of where you are coming from as a florist and the language you will be using. Illustrate possible scenarios, good or bad. For example, create a short blurb about what could happen if an aunt does the flowers, or if the couple tries to do the flowers themselves. Other ways to educate via email are:

  • Review budgets and pricing

  • Offer suggestions – “How to reuse your wedding flowers” showing your expertise

  • Giving Free sources – downloadable checklist or spreadsheet

Know Like Trust

The entire reason for this nurture series is to get them to Know you, Like you & Trust you. Use KLT as a mantra to decide what to post, what to email, what to share.

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Call to Action

Start a conversation by asking them to reply and answer a question. Getting a bride or couple to engage with you is key. Always provide a way to invite them to connect on social media.

Offer promotions (towards the end of the email series)

Book appointments (towards the beginning of the email series)


Throughout the email series pay attention to those who interact and open your emails. This will help you establish if you are a good fit for them and vice versa. You can learn if their budget work for you, does your aesthetic align with their desires and more.

Important to note: Can you serve them well? Do they value and trust you? If not, refer them out