5 Elements for an Awesome Style Board

Fleursociety Style Board Webinar

Do you present a style board? When in your process?

A style board is a fun and simple visual you can email before any payments have been made.

Style Boards: 5 Elements

  1. Position yourself as a professional

  2. Visually Represents your brand

  3. Allows you to communicate with clients

  4. Demonstrates your creativity

  5. Enhances your client experience

Show Them You are the Pro!

Set the tone and validates that you understand the bride/couple.

Showcase your skills and make it clear that you understand their needs. You can utilize items from their top wish list and show them in photographs. If they prioritize personal flowers, show photos of your best bouquets. This is a way to immediately communicate your design aesthetic. This is yet another way to set yourself apart from other florists as potential clients shop around.

Fleursociety Style Board Webinar

Visual Representation

Show your offerings but also set your expectations. You can display price points on the style board alongside photographs. Use this to explain how your process works. This adds to a positive and interactive client experience.


This is a great opportunity to show your overall aesthetic. Many might wait until the day of the consultation to explain how everything works. Sending these style boards is a huge time saver that can communicate how relatable and helpful you are for them. This translate their ideas into a visual, so they can see you understand what they want.


Style boards are a fun and quick way to be creative, show off your skills and display your ideas and sketches. This is can be a unique aspect of your selling process. You are creating a tailored experience for the couple.

Client Experience

By providing this personalized style board you are setting the tone that you are established and can create value. This way it goes without saying that you know what you are doing and they are in good hands. You are showing that you have listened to them, and that you are able to create what they have communicated.


To learn how to create a Style Board in Canva, watch the replay!