Call Clients to Action with Digital Brochures

Fleursociety Digital Brochure Blog Webinar

Do you use brochures for your marketing collateral?


What are some reasons to use digital brochures?

Overview: Brochures are a way to qualify leads and show what you offer. You can immediately display your price points and educate leads on what you provide. You can use them to explain your process, all the while you are creating a great client experience. Use the brochures to set your expectations of clients and include a call to action at the end.

Fleursociety Blog Webinar Digital Brochures

Qualify Leads

Set your first impression of how you work right away. Another benefit is that you can weed out price shoppers. You can showcase your minimum prices and attract your ideal clients. Check out our post on Lead Generation. You can learn what type of client you are dealing with and get an idea of their budget.

Offerings & Price Points

As a floral designer you provide a variety of services. Use the brochure to make it clear what you do (planning, styling, floral design, personalization, etc). Once again, display minimum starting prices for each service. This is helpful so everyone is on the same page about what you do and how much you do it for. Lastly, you give the potential clients an idea of what working with you will be like.


Let your potential client know exactly who you are, so they can set you apart. Make a special note about what you do best! Explain the next steps to book with you, so you do not leave them confused. What do you value from clients? Share these things so that you appeal to the ideal client. This category is really endless, because you can include whatever you want your clients to know.


Tell them what to expect from beginning to end while working with your company.  Do not leave clients hanging without any instructions. Lay it all out from estimate to consultation.


Fleursociety Digital Brochure Call to Action

Set your expectations for minimum prices based on their guest count and needs. Also explain what you do not include and what they should not be expecting from you.

Client Experience

All this work is in an effort to stand out in comparison to other florists. What kind of experience do you want to provide for them? You are creating value for the client by providing a digital brochure, making sure that the entire experience is positive. It is our goal to serve the clients to the best of our ability.

Call to Action

Tell them what to do! Many brides are first time brides and do not know what to expect. Ask them to make a selection immediately. This will keep the process moving forward smoothly and quickly. Then you can make the sale.

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