How to Generate More Leads in Your Floral Business

Fleursociety Lead Generation Weekly Webinar

What is the number one way you generate leads?
Online ads, print ads, bridal shows, referrals, vendor lists? Are those leads converting into sales?

 We like referrals, online advertisement and email marketing!

What is Attraction Marketing?

It is attracting clients who are ready to buy. You serve them in some way – a free class or free sample, and they return to purchase your product.

 7 Steps to Attraction Marketing

1.     Branding

2.     Identify ideal client

3.     Understand needs/wants

4.     Present solutions to needs/wants

5.     Nurture a relationship (KLT) – Know/Like/Trust

6.     Provide call to action

7.     Give Client Experience

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Streamline your website, social media, contracts, workflow & client experience. Make sure everything a client sees is visually on brand. Visit our Branding blog post for more.

Ideal Client

Who is your ideal client? Who are you speaking to and what do they value most? (The flowers, the marriage, the honeymoon etc) Think about what kind of relationship do you want with them. Get to know them and find out what they really want.

Address Needs/Wants

What is their biggest need? What pain-points do they have? What is their biggest want? Use a questionnaire or a phone chat to get into their mindset and present a solution.


How will you solve their problems? What can you provide to ease their pain-point? How will you communicate this? How will you show you care? Express these things in your email marketing so clients know that you are the perfect person to solve their problems.

Nurture a Relationship (KLT)

How will you get them to KNOW you? Ask them what communication method they prefer. Some like to chat on the phone, some prefer email or text. How will you get them to LIKE you? How will you get them to TRUST you? People do business with people they like and trust.

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Call to Action

The best emails have a call to action. Start conversations with them. Invite to connect via social media. Display your usernames. Offer promotion and provide a way to book appointments. Link to blog posts in your emails. Lastly, offer the sale.

Client Experience

Set yourself apart by providing consistent value – daily or weekly emails.
Give FREE resources – when you give generously, clients will want to give back.
Think about a free samples at the mall. You get a small piece, then you want to buy the whole thing!