How to Leverage Your Styled Shoot Investment

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Being a part of a styled shoot can be oh so fun, and exciting! Here at Fleursociety we want to make sure you have the smoothest experience when deciding to collaborate on your next shoot.

Styled shoots can buff up your portfolio if you are currently working on weddings that don’t feel like you and your brand. Make sure the weddings you want to showcase really represent you. 

We will cover the following topics

  1. How to plan, design & shoot

  2. How to get published

  3. Using styled shoots to improve your portfolio & gain relationships

  4. Cost of styled shoots – making it fair


How to Plan, Design & Shoot

Make sure it resembles a real wedding. Brides like to see real wedding inspiration.

Give your shoots real wedding context. Capture images that seem realistic. Can be artistic, but keep it less “random” and more plausible. Keep it honest with your followers: A shoot is a shoot, not a wedding. Do not pretend the shoot was a real event.

The idea is not to fool people, but to demonstrate realistic design that can inspire your potential clients.

Models can be a challenge; real couples may be a better route. Couples can show the real love and affection we want to see in wedding images.

How to Get Published

Think about the other benefits of planning a shoot, no just the goal of getting published.

Creative freedom? Maybe this shoot will give you all the freedom to create your dream design.

Bolster relationships? Will this be a networking opportunity that could serve your business in the future?

Getting published is a long shot, and should not be your only goal in participating in a shoot that will take time and money. Overall, your shoot design needs to be unique and stand out from the usual trends found online. You need to know where you want to get published before the shoot is design. Have your main publication and a couple of back ups.

Cost of Styled Shoots

There is no hard & fast rule for cost of styled shoots.

Keep in mind, if you are the creator and have the vision you must have a budget. If you are being invited to collaborate in a styled shoot, ask yourself: where am I in my business? Beginner, middle of the road, established? There are benefits for all stages of business. Make sure that the vendors, venue and potential clients from this shoot make sense for your business.

What is the benefit at the end of the shoot?

a.     Creating something for publication

b.     Establishing new relationships with vendors & clients

c.     Showing that you can change your style up

d.     Increased traffic to your website

e.     All of the above 

Brides don’t ask for things unless they see them

 Cost of the flowers should be covered if you are asked to be a part of a workshop or styled shoot.

You are allowed to say NO to a full collaboration. Learn How to Say No. Do not feel bad about receiving criticism for charging.

You may want to have money set aside for a yearly or biannual shoot. Understand the scope of designs that are being asked.


Check on the fess and cost of shipping back rented items. (Rings, shoes, etc). Paper costs can be high for shoots: menus, invitations.

Other cost list:

Snacks, water, damages, hair & makeup, baker, etc

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How long should a styled shoot take?

Claire Duran: 8 hours TOTAL from load in to load out. Shoot time: 3-4 hours

Scheduling – have the photographer start with stationary and easy details while flowers & hair/makeup are being completed.


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