Business Systems Part II: The Proposal Process

Business Systems Part II: The Proposal Process

How do you create proposals? How long does it take you to write proposals?

Get a Streamlined Process for Your Proposals

  1. Lead Generation

  2. Inquiry

  3. Brochure

  4. Questionnaire

  5. Quick Chat

  6. Style Board / Estimated Proposal

  7. Design Consultation

  8. Follow Up

Style Boards

You are a florist and a professional. Use the style board as a visual representation of your work. It is a vital communication tool that allows you to express creativity. This enhances the client experience so that they can visualize your plan.

Creating a Professional Style Board

Sets the tone

Showcases your skills

Understand their needs

Communicate aesthetics

Work around the priorities

Sets you apart

Visual Representation

Show understanding

Highlight creativity

Set expectations

Offer limited pricing

Communicating with your Proposal

Overall aesthetic

Speak their language

Listen to ideas

Translate their needs

Show understanding


Showcase your skills

Share fun ideas and sketches

Add your unique factor

Personalize it for the couple

Enhance the Client Experience

Set the tone with your proposal.

Appear prepared, because you are!

Listen to their wants and needs.

Communicate the process.

Establish that you have the expertise in this industry.

Educate clients on how things work.

Take responsibility and ease their stress.

Style Board

What should you include on your style board for a wedding couple?

  • Couple’s info

  • Location info

  • Color palette

  • Floral selections

  • Categories

  • Offering details

  • Add-ons

  • Notations

Pricing Proposals

Use HoneyBook to itemize

Price out by section

Provide add-ons

Add installation/delivery fee

Include booking incentives

Copy into estimate document

Highlight retainer fee

Add payment plan

Fleursociety Business Systems

Estimated Proposal

Offer some details

Lump sum pricing (optional)

Booking incentives



Payment plan

Expiration date

Delivery Option 1

Send it same day if possible

Limited information

2 page style board

Summarized pricing

Offer booking incentives

Expiration (3-7 days)

Protected in google drive

25% retainer to move forward

Delivery Option 2

Schedule design consultation

30 minutes max

Share estimate via video chat only

Offer the sale

On-the-spot booking incentive w/ 24 hour expiration

Expiration (3-7 days)

25% retainer to move forward

Flat rate retainer

Estimated Proposal

Send proposal draft

Client signs contract

Submits payment

Workflow is triggered

Best Practices

Qualify + Educate

Use online calendars

Get on the phone/video chat

Give estimates

Limit the details

Give expiration dates

Offer booking incentives

Sell VALUE not price

Avoid in-person consultations if possible

Offer the sale!