Create an Engaging Floral Blog

Fleursociety Blog Tips

Do you currently blog in your floral business? What is your biggest challenge when it comes to blogging?

Ways to Leverage Your Blog

  1. SEO

  2. Build your list

  3. Attraction Marketing

  4. Educate

  5. Build Trust

  6. Social media reach

  7. Passive & Diversified Income

Fleursociety Blogging for Florists


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means that people can find you on Google a lot easier. This is a huge way to drive traffic to your website by using keywords in your blog posts. When you create a blog post, you create index pages on the backend of your website. These are recognized by Google. The more often you blog, your Google Ranking will increase, and you will show up higher on the search list. Your SEO will allow you to generate leads. Your Pinterest images inside your blog posts will also show up from Google searches.


Build List

Use your blog to have opt-ins, or places where visitors can input their information and access information. Target lead magnets with localized keywords, or descriptive keywords. Personalize calls-to-action and even feature guest blog posts. This will expand your reach and your network.

Fleursociety Blogging for Florists

Attraction Marketing

In every blog post you have the ability to showcase your best work. This will attract your ideal client, because you are putting out the content you want to keep creating. When other blogs notice your content, other blogs might publish your blogs.


Blogs are more than beautiful images of the weddings. It is a place to show your floral expertise. You can make the booking process easier for potential clients by answering frequently asked questions ahead of time. You can share seasonal floral tips, or guides to choosing a package with your company. You can repurpose content from the past. Blogs create engagement because they allow for comments in an informal way. When you take the time to write a well written blog post, you have successfully created evergreen content. This content will serve your company and website indefinitely.

Build Trust

Use your blogs to showcase the brand personality through language, photos, colors and videos. Consistent posts will create credibility and give you a way to stand out from the rest. You can share the real you, which brings people in. People buy from people they trust.

Social Media Reach

A blog is yet another platform to share about your business. Multiple ways of exposure is important because not everyone follows you on every single platform. Share other content and get your content shared. Tag all the vendors in your posts to increase the chances of getting shared online.

Engage with viewers!

Passive & Diversified Income

First and foremost, try affiliate links! These links are commission based if you get someone to sign up or purchase a product. Only advocate for businesses that you actually like and support. You can get paid to create a promotional blog post or sponsored blog posts. You can also feature a guest blog posts on your page. Many blogs have ads, for which you’ll get paid per click.

Tips for Blogging

  • Outsource the work, if possible

  • Create a blogging process

  • Set up a blogging system

  • Use Blogstomp for images

  • Use Tailwind to repost

  • Setup wordpress blog if possible

  • Set realistic blogging goals

  • Be consistent

Next Steps to Implement

Create a list of blog topics

Create a list of FAQ

Set a blogging goal

Outline your blog process

Schedule your post

What is your favorite reason to blog? Share in the comments!