Develop A Content Creation Process

Fleursociety Creating Content

This blog post is based on the first webinar of April 2019. If you were not able to watch it, read this post! Let’s start with some questions for your business. Do you have a content creation process? Where do you post content? What do you struggle with most?

Why Create Content?

Adds to your marketing strategy

Builds your brand

Drive traffic to your website

Get leads

Showcase your work

Educate your audience

Creates connection + trust

Audience retainment

Content Creation Process, Step by Step

  1. Planning + Strategy

  2. Mapping

  3. Tools

  4. Promotion

  5. Analyze

Fleursociety Creating Content

Planning + Strategy

  • Set SMART goals. These are very detailed goals. Setting defined goals.

    • Leads, exposure, engagement

  • Create Ideal Client Avatar. Read the Post about Attracting Your Ideal Client

    • Who are you speaking to?

    • Pain-points, fears, challenges, solutions

  • Target all stages of the buyer’s journey

    • Awareness (blog post), Consideration (questionnaire), Decision (consultation)

  • Audit

    • Analyze and update regularly

  • Format

    • Videos, photos, blogs, podcast, ebooks, etc.

  • Promotion

    • Social media, blog, YouTube, email marketing, etc .

Mapping Your Social Media

  • Research

    • SEO, keywords, hashtags

  • Ideas

    • Brainstorm topics

    • Decide on 3-5 topics you want to share, then stay consistent!

  • Writing

    • Write to your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA), use your voice, use examples

    • Spell check to avoid typos!

  • Editing

    • Review before posting and have others help

  • Publishing

    • Batch create the content and use a scheduling platform to schedule posts out

Tools for Content Creation

  • Google Docs + Grammarly

    • Draft blogs, editing

  • Asana

    • Organize content calendar for my PM

  • Canva + BlogStomp

    • Create graphics, resizing

  • Tailwind + Coschedule

    • Schedule posts

  • Convert Kit

    • Email marketing


  • Social Media

    • Instagram: photos + videos are huge, but Instagram stories are extremely engaging too. It creates a behind the scenes feeling.

    • Facebook: communities and sharing long form videos

  • Blog

    • Free information and downloads, checklists or tutorials. The blog is a place to share valuable resources.

  • Website

    • Focus on ICA, keywords, solutions.

  • Pinterest

    • Rich pins, drive traffic to your website or blog.

  • Youtube

    • DYI, tutorials, educational, vlogs.

Analyze for Online Footprint

  • Page views - how many visitors come to your page?

  • Clicks / Likes

  • Organic traffic

  • Comments - are they real people or bots?

  • Conversion rates - how many people are contacting you?

  • Bounce rates - double check if people are receiving your emails.

  • Audience growth / followers - grow your brand and see if what you are doing is working. However, engagement is the most important!

How Many Times Should I Post on Social?

  • Instagram

    • 1x daily

  • Facebook

    • 1x daily

  • Pinterest

    • 3-5x daily

  • Blog

    • 1-2x weekly

  • Email Marketing

    • 2-3x weekly


  • Use a Calendar

    • Plan out content

  • Batch + automate

    • Plan + create weeks/months ahead

    • Use apps to automate

    • Be consistent!

  • Outsource

    • Hire professionals if you don’t have time

    • Delegate tasks you don’t know how to do

Next Steps to Implement

Download the Content Calendar

Brainstorm ideas

Create your Plan

Write content in google doc

Post LIVE or Schedule posts


Fleursociety Creating Content Strategically