Attracting Your Ideal Client

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Do you know your ideal client? Do you currently attract them?

Ideal Client

Someone who finds the perfect solution to their problems or needs in the services or products that your company provides.
Is loyal to your company, frequently uses or buys your products or services, and is likely to recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

Attraction Marketing

Know what you want
Create an Ideal Client Profile
Create an Ideal Client Avatar
Know/charge your value
Build a consistent brand
Create a clear brand message
Be where your target market is
Be authentic + build trust
Focus on client experience

Fleursociety Attracting the Ideal Client
When you try and make everybody happy, you end up making no one happy. Including yourself .

Ideal Client Profile

To create an ideal client profile, you first need to answer a few questions.

What are they searching for?
What specific needs do they have?
What are their pain-points?
What websites or blogs do they frequent?
Where do they congregate?
Are they active users on social media?

How Can You Use This Information?

This information helps in multiple ways. It sets the tone for what message should be transmitted on your website / social media. What services and / or products you should offer. The services should reflect what you ideal client wants to see. Take that information and determine what prices you should charge. For example, a luxury bride wants to see “luxury” price brackets. This information from the questions you have answers will help direct your Content Plan. Your blog/social media should be consistent to the audience you want to attract. Lastly, it will help determine which channels you should be targeting in your content marketing efforts. Are you ideal clients hanging out on Facebook or on blogs?

How Do You Get This Information?

Conduct surveys or ask your friends.

Gather testimonials
Market Research
Brand Identity Analysis
Business Planning
S.M.A.R.T Goals
Create an Ideal Client Avatar

Creating an Ideal Client Avatar

Outline Demographics
Who are they?
Analyze Behaviors
How do they operate? What is their profession? How do they view flowers, weddings or marriage?

Determine Psychological Data
What do they believe? They should believe in the value of your work

Brainstorm Emotional Triggers
What pain-points do they have?
What keeps them up at night?
Outline Messaging
How will you speak to them?
Tailor Your Services
What do you have to offer them?
What sets you apart from the rest? No matter the budget you are attracting, always tailor an excellent customer experience for your clients.
Develop a Content Strategy
What content is relevant to them?
How will you expose them to it?

Example ICA: Demographics

Age 25-35
Has been engaged for 1+ years
Professional, entrepreneur, high-income
Lives within 50 miles of Los Angeles
Busy and active social life
Is fashionable
Enjoys quality products
Expects top-class service
Love and value flowers

Example ICA: Behaviors

Read top wedding blogs almost weekly
Buys bridal magazines
Conducts research online
Searches hashtags
Relies on testimonials to make decisions
Requires fast response time
Checks email daily
Engages in social media

For more examples of an ideal client, watch the replay!

Ideal Client Strategies

Ideal Client Avatar
Identify them
Print a photo + display it
Speak to them
Create Connection
Display photos they want to see
Use lange they want to hear
Provide solutions to their problems

Next Steps to Implement

Create your Ideal Client Profile

  • Survey

Create your Ideal Client Avatar

  • Demographics, behaviors, psychological, emotional

Implement these into your messaging

  • website

  • brochures

  • social media

Fleursociety Attracting the Ideal Client