How to Write Amazing Proposals

Fleursociety Writing Proposals

How do you write proposals? When do you write proposals? If you want an efficient proposal writing process, read on!

Streamlined Process

  1. Inquiry

  2. Brochure

  3. Questionnaire

  4. Quick Chat

  5. Style Board

  6. Estimated Proposal


Fleursociety Amazing Proposals


Show offerings
Set expectations
Offer price points
Explain your process
Include client experience


Bride/groom info - when a bride and groom take the time to fill this out, you know they are looking forward to connecting with you!
Social media handles - this way tagging the couple will be easy on the day of the event.
Event details
Event hashtag - if they have a wedding hashtag you can use it and spread your social media net wide!
Booked professionals
Final Details -  Get the final headcount, final colors, last minute changes.
Permission to share - asking this ahead of time is best so you don’t have to bother them on their honeymoon.
Permission to add to list - an opportunity for ongoing marketing.

Quick Chat

Now clients are ready to hop on the phone. Send your clients a Calendly link so they can schedule the call. This is your opportunity to get to know client and set the expectations on how things will progress through the process. You can discuss their budget and see if the client expectations match their budget. Finalize any specific event needs and share last minute ideas or details.

Fleursociety Writing Proposals

Style Board

Once you have spoken with the client, you can put together a simple style board that portrays the wedding look and feel. Always include:

Estimated Proposal

Offering details
Lump sum pricing
Booking incentives
Payment plan
Expiration date

Writing Proposals

Use HoneyBook to itemize
Price out by section
Provide add-ons
Add installation/delivery fee
Include booking incentives
Copy into estimate document
Highlight retainer fee
Add payment plan

So what are you waiting for! Start on your next proposal, it’s sure to be the best one yet!