Marketing 101 for Florists

Fleursociety Marketing 101

Where do you currently market your business? Do you have a marketing strategy?


Marketing is the process of getting people interested in your company's product or service.

Types of Marketing:

  1. Internet, email, blog, social media, print, SEO, video, etc

  2. Marketing Essentials

  3. Be clear on the 4 P’s

  4. Have sales goals + targets

  5. Know your “elevator pitch”

  6. Up-to-date website

  7. Social media

  8. Professional photos

  9. Consistency

7 Ways to Marketing Your Business for FREE

  1. Community

  2. Collaborate

  3. Networking

  4. Referral program

  5. Promotions

  6. Giveaways

  7. Email marketing


You can use your surrounding community to gain new business! Reach out to local businesses like corporations, car dealers or hospitals. Check with local venues to join a vendor list and build a relationship with them. Get to know the people involved with the Chamber of Commerce is another opportunity. This can open doors in the long run. Find networking groups in your area to join. Schools are also a great place to market yourself. You can even do the prom flowers! Local organizations may have resources as well. Non-Profits and charities are another great option.


There are lots of ways to work with other creatives and market yourself!

  • Local venues

  • Local creatives

  • Bridal Shows - Share a booth to showcase

  • Styled shoots - Branding, headshots, creative projects

  • Networking events - Create opportunities to meet


  • Large groups - ABC, WIPA, NACE

  • Local groups - Tuesday’s Together (RTS)

  • Coffee dates - Local professionals

Referral Program

This is a new one for Posh Peony! Reach out to local professionals that you have a relationship with. Create a mutually beneficial referral system. Have either a flat fee, point system, or offer gift cards in exchange for referrals. Tap into current clients and past clients for new customers. Offer rewards or gifts as an incentive for referrals. This is more efficient that paying for advertisements without a promise of a booking.


During the holidays - Offer holiday themed workshops, percentage off, and take pre-orders.

Sales Launch - Black Friday is a great time for this, but you can do them anytime.

Referrals - Buy On Get One, gift cards, etc.

Bridal Shows - offer free admission.

Bundles - Wedding + bridal shower, etc.


  • Bridal Bouquets

  • Samples / Mockups

  • Workshops

  • Incentives

  • BOGO

Email Marketing

This is a very important aspect of marketing.

Create a “Nurture Sequence” as a place to share brand indoctrination.

Once someone books, email out a “Welcome Sequence” which is key to relationship building.

Offer emails with education, sharing valuable resources + systems of your process.

Promotions can be emailed out, with special rates, preorders, etc.

Use email to notify clients about events, workshops, holidays, etc.


  • Online

    • The Knot, Wedding Wire, Yelp, paid memberships

  • Social Media

    • Instagram + Facebook, paid ads

  • Referral Lists

    • Venues, professionals, networks

  • Referral Programs

    • Professionals

  • Print

    • Magazines, brochures, etc.

Pro Tip: Use a different number than your main line. You will get lots of calls once you start doing advertising.


Be Consistent
Post what you want to attract

Be Authentic
Share it all!

Build Relationships
Reach out to local florists + professionals
Set up meetings / coffee dates
Attend networking events regularly

Next Steps to Implement

  • Sign Up on Marketing Platforms

  • Wedding wire, The Knot, Yelp, etc.

  • Create Social Media Accounts

  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Join a monthly Networking Group

  • ABC, WIPA, RTS, etc.

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