Creating Boundaries in Business: Learning How to Say No

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Are you a “Yes” Person?

To find out, ask yourselves these questions:

Have you ever said yes to an opportunity and then regretted it?

Have you ever said a less than excited yes to something?

Have you ever said yes to something and then wondered how in the world you were going to pay for it or make time for it?

We either make our choices deliberately or allow other people’s agendas to control our lives
— Essentialism, The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

In this post we will cover

  1. Creating your goals

  2. Deciding if an opportunity is right for you

  3. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

  4. How to say no

Creating Your Goals

It is okay to say no. Apologies or excuses are unnecessary.

Make concrete goals, they become the base of whether a new task aligns with them. Opportunities that come along need to fit into your business and lifestyle goals, otherwise it is a NO. Saying yes to random opportunities will have you feeling busy, when you really are not making direct progress to your personal goal.

3 Levels of Goals

  1. Yearly goals

  2. Quarterly goals

  3. “Big Scaries” – goals you think may be impossible but you want them anyway.

Put your goals out into the universe. Mention your goals aloud, even if it’s intimidating.

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How do you know if an opportunity is right for you?

  • Money: will I be earning enough for this?

  • Time: do you have the time that will allow for this project?

  • Energy: do you have the energy that it will take to complete this?

  • Ethics: is this partnership ethnically aligned with you?

  • Balance: work life balance should stay in check as much as possible

Fear of Missing Out! FOMO

Social media and comparing ourselves to others can have us feeling like we wish we were part of an opportunity or that we were at least asked to join. Images and videos may look enticing but you do not really know what it looked like “on the inside.” Keep your goals and your priority in mind. FOMO is natural for human nature, but ask yourself: Am I genuinely excited about this opportunity?

If it is not an enthusiastic yes, it is a hard no.

Life is too short!

How to Say No

  • Keep it Simple

  • Keep it Direct

  • Keep it Honest

  • Make it Quick

You do not owe anyone your whole life story.

Ultimately, you should try to keep your true, heartfelt priority and goals in mind as we navigate the various opportunities that may come our way. Do your best to filter out distractions and say no to anything you do not genuinely feel lead to participate in.

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