Essential Emails

Essential Emails


Tired of spending hours upon hours answering emails and not knowing what to really say? Stop answering the same question over and over again and get savvy with templates! Time to work smarter and not harder. These templates will save you time and energy!

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These email templates are going to save you time answering redundant emails, communicating your expectations, and creating call-to-action when needed. If you are having a difficult time staying on top of it all, these templates will literally give you your LIFE BACK! Each template can be implemented into HONEYBOOK or any email or canned response system. As floral designers, we are often asked many questions that throw us for a loop. Stop pulling your hair out with trying to figure out what to say and how to say it. These templates will make you sound professional and confident about your process and make booking leads a breeze. On top that, you will create an elevated client experience the entire way!

  • 65 essential email templates

  • Easy to edit and personalize

  • Call-to-action details

  • Includes links that are editable


  • Inquiry Thank You

  • Brochure

  • Brochure Follow Up Reminder

  • New Wedding Client Questionnaire

  • New Event Client Questionnaire

  • Questionnaire 2-Day Follow Up

  • Schedule Quick Chat

  • Quick Chat Follow Up

  • Final Quick Chat Follow Up

  • Quick Chat Confirmation

  • Quick Chat Reminder

  • Estimated Proposal

  • Estimated Proposal Follow Up

  • Estimated Proposal Final Follow Up

  • Estimated Proposal Revisions Before Booking

  • Schedule Design Presentation

  • Schedule Design Presentation Follow Up

  • Design Presentation Confirmation

  • Design Presentation Reminder

  • Proposal Retainer after Consultation

  • Proposal Retainer Follow Up

  • Booking Incentives Expire Soon

  • Proposal Expires Soon

  • Archived Event

  • Thank you for Booking

  • Schedule Design Consultation

  • Design Consultation Confirmation

  • Design Consultation Reminder

  • Proposal Revisions

  • Agreement

  • Agreement Incomplete

  • Cancellation/Refund

  • Payment Received

  • Payment Past Due

  • Invoice/Estimate

  • Additional Consultation

  • Additional Consultation Confirmation

  • Additional Consultation Reminder

  • 30 Day Event Questionnaire

  • Mock-Up Consultation

  • Mock-Up Consultation Confirmation

  • Mock-Up Consultation Reminder

  • Onsite Venue Consultations

  • Event Timeline

  • After Wedding Thank You

  • After Wedding Review

  • After Wedding Review Bribe

  • Review Received Thank You

  • After Wedding Request Wedding Photos

  • Not Available for Wedding Date

  • Below Budget Minimum

  • Destination Weddings

  • Did Not Book / Moving On

  • Equipment Rentals

  • Invoice: Loss and Damaged Inventory

  • “Best of Weddings” Review Request

  • “Best of Weddings” Review Bribe

  • Bridal Show Leads

  • Referrals to Creatives

  • Referral List

  • Checking In

  • Checking In Call

  • Contract Amendment

  • Final Follow Up

  • Freelance Designer