Floral Design Contract

Floral Design Contract


Need a contract that is legal and will protect your floral business? This contract template was reviewed by a lawyer and includes every single clause imaginable so that you are protected and can serve your clients well. 

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This agreement has evolved over more than 10 years and includes every essential clause to give you peace of mind. You will receive one license and editable template download immediately upon purchase. All you need to do is just fill in the blanks and copy and paste it into your contract system of choice. Don't get caught up in unforeseen situations that can cost you more in the end!

  • Attorney-prepared and reviewed in California on May 2018

  • Ready to copy/paste into your client software system of choice or as a stand alone document

  • Legal-friendly language so that it is easy to understand

  • A breakdown of all the processes, fees, and expectations so that everything is 100% clear.


  • 38 clauses that outline ALL THE THINGS floral business related

  • A payment plan with suggested dates, fees, and penalties

  • Exclusivity clause to protect your brand

  • Confidentiality clause to protect your intellectual property and trade secrets

  • Seasonality clause so that you have control over what blooms you will use in case Mother Nature has other plans

  • Limit of liability clause that outlines what you are responsible and accountable for

  • Indemnification clause that protects you if anything goes wrong

  • Incapacity clause that details what happens in case you are no longer able to attend the wedding as lead designer

  • Termination clause that details the circumstances under which the parties may end their legal relationship

  • And all the general terms to ensure that you and your client enter a positive and proactive working agreement!

*Please note that Fleursociety™ is not claiming to be a lawyer nor offering legal advise. This template is to serve as a guide and as a starting guide and example of essential clauses to include in your own contract. It is highly advised that you still review it with your attorney to ensure that it is legal in your state of business. Upon your purchase, you agree to not hold Fleursociety™ responsible or liable in any matter related to this template use in your business.