Webinar Replay: Pricing for Profit

Webinar Replay: Pricing for Profit


Learn how to price for profit so that you are not breaking even or losing any more money!

Pricing can be a challenge when you are just starting out and the unfortunate thing is that many florist are underpricing their work and not making any money. We often forget to add labor fees and other costs we don’t think about. Stems counts can be helpful but the bottomline is that you need to also charge your worth to be profitable and sustainable.

In this Webinar Replay, you will learn:

  • how I price my floral designs consistently (without stem counts) to produce beautiful proposals effortlessly. 

  • how I present my pricing to WOW my clients, eliminate negotiation, and increase irresistibility. 

  • how I 5x my profits on every booking and finally started growing my business! 

  • Includes webinar resource guide!

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