LIVE Masterclass: Taxes 101 with Braden Drake

LIVE Masterclass: Taxes 101 with Braden Drake


Learn How to Plan and Prepare For Your Business Tax Obligations

Are you having a hard time keeping up with business expenses? Not filing taxes on time? Unsure on what deductions to take and write off? Learn exactly what you need to do to better plan and prepare for your tax obligations. Braden will be showing you how to simplify the process and make it all easy to understand so that you no longer stress out (or get into tax trouble) at tax time!

In this Masterclass Replay, you will learn:

  • How to prepare for your quarterly tax obligations

  • What deductions you can take in your business

  • Best practices for bookkeeping to keep your finances in check


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Braden is a California licensed attorney. His business tagline is your gay best friend but an attorney who can also do your taxes. He runs a law firm, Braden Drake Law, where he does contracts, trademarks, taxes, and new business formation. He also owns Creativepreneur Community where he hosts his podcasts, blogs, free guides, and courses.