LIVE Masterclass: Social Media with Cece Todd

LIVE Masterclass: Social Media with Cece Todd


Learn how to how to use social media to vet your clients!

Are you tired of attracting the wrong clients and then getting “ghosted” after? If you are tired of spending your precious time dealing with less than ideal clients, this class is totally for you! Cece Todd is a branding and marketing expert that has been able to build her business in a matter of years to attract and work with luxury clients. She is the queen of LIVE and will be sharing all her social media vetting secrets that will allow you to start attracting and booking your dream clients.

In this Masterclass Replay, you will learn:

  • how to brand your social media presence to attract your dream clients

  • how I to vet your leads using photos, LIVE video, and engagement strategies

  • how I to leverage your website to start “speaking” to your ideal market and start booking more of the business you want to work with


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