LIVE Masterclass: SEO 101 with Marie Holzer Burns

LIVE Masterclass: SEO 101 with Marie Holzer Burns


Learn How to Optimize Your Business Blog to Gain More Traction

Do you struggle with attracting ideal clients with organic traffic? Chances are, your website + blog are not optimized in the eyes of GOOGLE! Learn exactly how to fix this issue so that your online presence is optimized for targeted visibility. Marie will be showing you exactly how to update your content so that it is working to its fullest potential in getting you more keyword searches and leads!

In this Masterclass Replay, you will learn:

  • How to add SEO to your website backend

  • What SEO strategies to use for your blog posts + Pinterest

  • Best practices for keywords, links, and content

  • Includes: FREE SEO GUIDE!

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Marie is an internationally-recognized business speaker and multi-award winning wedding officiant/celebrant. As a nondenominational spiritual minister, her expertise is in bringing practical philosophy and actionable spirituality into your everyday life for increased joy and awe. As a business minister/coach, she teaches you how to bring your business in alignment with your values and goals so you and your business can thrive.