LIVE Masterclass: IRRESISTIBLE SELLING with Maria Bayer

LIVE Masterclass: IRRESISTIBLE SELLING with Maria Bayer


Learn How To Sell Your Value (No Matter What You Charge) 

Do you struggle with selling your services to your ideal client? Are you tired of justifying your fees? Chances are, you aren't selling your unique value! In this Masterclass, Maria will show you how to sell your value and help clients understand why you're worth every penny.

In this Masterclass Replay, you will learn:

  • How to sell your services with confidence

  • How to position your unique value

  • How to help your clients understand your worth


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Maria is a sales coach, strategist & wealth creator for creative business owners. She also the creator of “Irresistible Selling” – an online sales program designed to help creative business owners book higher-paying clients they love, and create a business and lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of. Selling is something most business owners hate, but they know it’s the key to growing their business. Maria helps bridge that gap by sharing her best-selling strategies that helped her survive in a male-dominated business when she was in corporate sales and booked over $25 Million in sales - without compromising her integrity.