Fleursociety Replay Vault


Webinar & Masterclass Access + Replays for your Floral Business!


If you're ready to up-level and grow a sustainable business, you're in the right place!

Learn from the comfort of your home with monthly topics that will help you define your business goals and implement strategies that work today.

No more struggling to attend LIVE, missing the REPLAY, or trying to fit it all when life gets in the way. The Fleursociety Replay Vault allows floral designers to attend monthly Webinars + Masterclasses taught by expert speakers and have access to the REPLAYS when most convenient!

The Fleursociety Replay Vault includes monthly business building topics, sources some of the industry leading creatives to bring you up-to-date strategy, and provides you with the practical content you've been looking for - right at your fingertips!!!

Join today for just $27/month or $297 for the annual pass!

So how does The Fleursociety Replay Vault?! I’m so glad you asked!!


  1. TWO 60-minute Webinars taught by Cristina on business strategy related to the topic that month. (Topic's like: Systems & Workflow, Email Marketing, Pinterest, Client Experience and MORE!)

  2. ONE 60-minute Masterclass taught by a guest expert educator based on that month's topic!!

  3. REPLAYS in case you can’t make the LIVE session!

  4. Community with other floral designers learning the same content, facing the same pain points & looking for the same answers!!

Being a small business owner means you'll face new challenges in your business all year long. The Fleursociety Replay Vault was designed to help you tackle each one with CONFIDENCE and DIRECTION. Not to mention, on your OWN SCHEDULE!

You'll receive education at your fingertips for the fraction of the price of online courses and in-person events. On top of that, you’ll gain access to a VARIETY of business topics and strategy that is WORKING NOW!



You’ve got two options…

July Vault.png

Here's a peek at what you'll find inside:

  • How to price your designs for profit

  • How to address your money mindset to price with confidence

  • How to manage business finances with my Profit First System


Can’t make the LIVE WebinARS?


I get it. We are BUSY as designers, parents, spouses, etc…

You have a ton on your TO-DO list and your priorities come first.

That is why I have made this simple for you.

You get access to ALL the Replays!

You can attend LIVE (which I highly recommend for FULL immersion + support) or find the time on your own schedule.

It’s time to invest in you + your business…


Pay as you go.

No Contract.

No Commitment.

Cancel anytime!


Get instant access to ALL content from Jan 2019 to present + monthly thereafter until Dec 2019.



Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive content each month? Webinars will be available the 1st + 3rd of every month! The Masterclass will vary depending on our guest educators schedule. Every month they'll be a new business topic that we will explore in depth. You will have access to the dates for each LIVE webinar and masterclass, so that you can save the date and plan ahead!

How long will I have access to the content? As long as you are an active Fleursociety Replay Vault subscriber, you will have access to the monthly content as its released. This means you can watch & re-watch content as much as you want. You'll also have access to the private Facebook Community for on-going community & support! Subscriptions will renew each month if you are on a monthly payment plan, and annually if you are on an annual plan.

How will I be able to view/access the content? Once you sign up, your account is created! You'll receive an email confirmation with your login credentials for safekeeping and instructions for joining the Facebook Community. You'll be able to watch the replays + download all the class guides (if any) directly from our program!!

How much is Fleursociety Replay Vault and can I cancel? $27/month for the monthly payment plan with no contract or commitment. You can cancel at any time. If you choose the annual plan, it is $297 (You get 1 FREE MONTH!). You will gain access to all the content from January 2019 to the present and until December 2019. Due to the nature of this content delivery, there are no cancelations or refunds for this plan.

Who is this for? The Fleursociety Replay Vault is for floral designers of all skill levels and years of expertise who are looking to build better businesses through education, accountability, and support. Our Membership Site infuses practical strategy that is easy to understand and implement. Not only will you receive the tools you need to up-level your business, but find COMMUNITY along the way!

Why is this not a course? The Fleursociety Replay Vault includes LIVE content that is delivered with accountability and support. Unlike courses that are mostly self paced with limited support, you will get direct access to me in the form of LIVE webinars with Q+A’s as well as with other guest educators. Every month, content is tailored down to a specific business topic (Marketing, Systems, Client Experience, Pricing, etc.) to allow you to focus your efforts and up-level one step at a time. Building a profitable and sustainable business takes time and commitment. My goal is to provide you with the tools and support you need to start taking action and getting results!